Cheap CSGO Betting Sites

Counter-Strike has gained a big army of fans due to realism and simple rules. Sequel Global Offensive appeared to be one of the greatest esports for making bets, and it gave a push for many cheap CSGO betting sites to appear. The bettors do not have to pay high commissions on such websites, yet their betting experience and luck can bring significant profit if bet on winners. If you are new in esports betting, there’s certain information to consider before making your first bet.

The Principle of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game and Betting

The game has about 30 rounds, within which special forces team opposes terrorist team. The terrorists are to complete a mission, namely to plant a bomb, and counter-terrorists are to prevent this from happening. The team which has completed the task becomes a winner. Alternatively, the team, which has neutralized all opponents, wins.

Just like real sports, CS Global Offensive esports have tournaments all over the world. The players master their skills, and the bettors choose favorites to make the bets. The most convenient and widespread way to gamble on CS Global Offensive is to use CSGO betting sites. Good platforms have live broadcasting of the games, and the bettors can learn the result instantly.

Skins or Money. What Token to Choose

Two the most popular, and probably the only types of CSGO bets, depend on the tokens which are used. You can use real money or skins. Skins are accessories for the game that has no effect on the real income. It can be paint or clothes items, etc. These items have no use if you don’t play CSGO; thus, it is the most popular among avid players.

Money is a typical token used in esports the same as in the regular sports games. There are gambling websites that include CS Global Offensive to the list of the games, and there are also CSGO betting sites, which focus only on CS Global Offensive. Big sites have various bettors who enjoy gambling within different games, while narrow-focused sites primarily gather avid fans of Counter-Strike. Very few CSGO betting sites have skins token options, and money is a common token accepted everywhere.

How to Choose Good CSGO Betting Sites?

You can easily choose reliable and legit CSGO betting sites even if you are new to esports. Pay attention to the following points:

  • number of users;
  • usability;
  • quality of customer service;
  • bonuses and promotions;
  • ease of deposit and withdrawal.

The first thing you should figure out is whether the website is legit and reliable. There are certain points that can help to do it. The first of them is an active audience. If you see that CSGO betting sites have many users, most likely it wouldn’t be this way unless the winnings are real and withdrawable.

Usability is an important factor when choosing a website because it’s what defines how comfortable your bets will be; the platform is to be user-friendly for mobile viewing, too. Pay attention to the menu, and how quickly you can find important features, deposit, and withdrawal function.

There may be some unpredictable situations or questions to clarify. That’s why best CSGO betting sites should have good customer service to solve all the issues, which can happen. Also, pay attention to the commission and bonuses. Nowadays, you can find quality and cheap CSGO betting sites, so why to choose less?

CSGO Betting Sites


Betway is a big platform which supports sports gambling, casino, and esports bets. CSGO is one of the most popular esports within the website. In addition to most widespread bet types, Betway also has rare ones, e.g. what team will get the first map or the first blood. Betway has generous bonuses for newcomers, which allow you to save significantly on the first bets.


GG.Bet is a global platform that supports many games, including traditional sports. Yet, esports is still the main focus of the site. The convenient website is easily adaptable to the mobile version. GG.Bet has a news blog with different information about regular and esports games.

CSGO Empire

CSGO Empire website allows bettors to gamble using their skins. The site is one of the biggest CSGO low betting sites which have a strict focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. The interface of CSGO Empire allows bettors to quickly navigate the platform. Also, it is one of the legit platforms, which still accepts skins bets.


CSGO is a popular game for gambling, thus there are many platforms to choose from. Bettors usually gamble with money or skins, special game tokens. When choosing CSGO betting sites, make sure they are legit, reliable, affordable, and user friendly. In this way, you will be able to enjoy CSGO from the very beginning and win real money.

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